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GeoDrilling International's Website and Magazine subscription delivers the industry’s best news source through our website and in magazine format.

 A subscription offers drilling engineers, contractors, consultants and equipment manufacturers highly specialised information on every aspect of drilling in soils and rocks.

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    • 5-user website access
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    • In depth articles from industry experts examining a variety of products and techniques 
    • Detailed equipment reviews and reports giving insight into technical problems and solutions 
    • Information on suppliers, forthcoming events and recruitment trends 
    • Coverage of Mineral resources exploration, Piling, Construction, Quarrying, Environmental testing, Water well, Ground consolidation, Geothermal works and more.

 From £11* per user, per month.

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GeoDrilling International provides the up-to-date industry developments in technology and equipment, describing how it works and explaining its applications. Every issue focuses on projects around in the world, looking in detail at the equipment used, the problems encountered and the solutions offered.

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The easiest way to pay is by direct debit. A monthly, quarterly, six month or annual amount will be taken from your bank account, depending on the package you choose. You can also pay by credit card for a year upfront.

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